360 Assessments

Seeing ourselves and our impact clearly can be challenging, even for the most self-reflective of us.

A 360 feedback process can provide valuable insights into your strengths, unique gifts, and the areas for growth that will actually make a difference. My approach to the 360 process is personalized and qualitative, and designed to provide you with insights that get below the surface.

  • We begin with a coaching session to understand your current work context, where you are in your career trajectory, and to identify the key questions you’re holding regarding your professional growth and impact within your organization.

  • Together, we identify 8-10 stakeholders to include in the process. These may be bosses, peers, direct reports, clients and/or other important external contacts.

  • I hold 1-on-1, confidential interviews with each of these stakeholders. This format enables me to hone in on the heart of what they see, to delve more deeply where needed, and to draw out the nuances that can make all the difference between feedback that is generic, or concrete and actionable.

  • You also complete a self-assessment.

  • You will receive a customized, narrative report that identifies the most important themes and patterns, and provides a clear-eyed picture of your strengths and gifts, as well as what is getting in the way of your contributing your full potential.

  • We conclude the process with a coaching session to debrief the results, and to map out a development plan to support you to integrate what you’ve learned from the process into your day-to-day work.

Many clients choose to incorporate a 360 feedback process as part of a longer-term coaching engagement, but the 360 process can also be valuable on its own.