You have shown me how to value myself and be true to myself in the workplace. I always felt I was trying to fit into some kind of mold that never felt quite right. Instead you helped me see that I can be my true self and still succeed at my work at the same time.
— J.N., Attorney
Each session with Hyeon-Ju was a powerful learning experience and discovery journey. She is not afraid to ask the tough questions, nor does she come with a pre-set agenda. She coaches in a natural way that respects your humanity, and gently and not so gently prods you into your own transformation.
— Michael Gouveia, Attorney and Coach
I think of your work as helping people find existential authenticity. People come to you—I came to you—wanting answers and solutions. But it seems to me that what we need to know is how to face the messiness of life and of people. In working with you, I had this sense of being on a boat that was being held steady by your firm hand, and that you were helping me find an authenticity and peace to face my angst and figure out which direction to steer the boat.
— Cindy Chiang, Attorney and Mother
You create space for people to think about their place in the world...Knowing that even if it’s not always easy or apparent, I now have the resources I need to define the underlying current of my existence
— L.T., Ph.D.
This has been the hallmark of my work with Hyeon-Ju: her keen ability to strip out the order to get at truths that lie beneath the surface of things.
— S.H., Writer and Activist
Hyeon-Ju coached me through a very difficult work transition. What I love about working with her is the utter honesty from her heart and mind while always holding my desire to move forward into a better place in the forefront of our work. I would recommend Hyeon-Ju to anyone who has a dream and wants to make that dream a reality.
— Laurie M., Entrepreneur
Hyeon-Ju was instrumental in helping me through a very rough job transition. My employment contract was ending, I had gone through months of interviews, and I just couldn’t land the right job in New York, the city I’d called home for 15 years. Hyeon-Ju didn’t give me any easy answers, but she helped me figure out the right questions to ask in figuring out my next steps. She helped me get past panic mode and get out of a pattern of thinking that was hindering my ability to go after opportunities that were outside of my comfort zone. She’s a patient, empathetic listener and astute observer, and I really appreciated the fact that she herself had made a big, brave career move. I ended up moving to a new city, for a job I really love, and am grateful for the tools Hyeon-Ju gave me to help me make that decision.
— A.M., Lawyer
I reached out to Hyeon-Ju at a time of fatigue and deep confusion. I felt overwhelmed with even the simplest decisions. I needed something to reignite the passion I once had and to provide clarity on what steps to take next...Coaching helped me find the balance I was craving to transform my aspirations into action. Hyeon-Ju’s mental and spiritual exercises honed in on what it meant to be my authentic self and what it meant to answer questions in the most truthful way possible. She has a knack for telling when an answer doesn’t sit right. After six months of sessions, I am now starting to feel whole again – reuniting my passions with the present...I highly recommend Hyeon-Ju to anyone looking for a change!
— Jen L., Policy Aide
I wasn’t familiar with the concept of coaching before working with Hyeon-Ju, and...was unsure of the value of this time investment when I was already overworked and under tremendous stress. Working with Hyeon-Ju this past year though, has been a tremendous comfort and given me insight and strength to better handle hard times. I have come to understand the value of creating a space for myself to think hard, reach deep, and focus on evaluating what my core values can bring to my organization, and also my life.
— J.L., Non-Profit Director
Having Hyeon-Ju as my coach has provided me with a space to unpack, process, and grow through many of life’s challenges, as well as its triumphs. I am so grateful for her wisdom, deep intelligence, and strength. Working with Hyeon-Ju has become an integral part of my life, the connection she provides is essential to my personal/professional growth.
— Jennifer An, Sign Language Interpreter
Having Hyeon-Ju as my coach has been invaluable both personally and professionally. I sought her out for help through my transition out as the founding Executive Director of an Asian American immigrant rights group in the South. She has exceptional active listening skills and insights, and helped me process through my own feelings of letting go as well as the practical steps and relationships involved in working through my succession. Hyeon-Ju provides a great mix of spiritual and practical tools while also gently lifting issues to light...Hyeon-Ju’s coaching helped me navigate this major transition with grace and maximize my own personal growth in the process. I am now working with her in clarifying what I want in my next leg of life’s journey and am grateful for her coaching!
— Helen Kim Ho, Civil Rights Lawyer and Non Profit Executive