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"Our deepest calling is to grow into our own authentic self-hood, whether or not it conforms to some image of who we ought to be. As we do so, we will not only find the joy that every human being seeks--we will also find our path of authentic service in the world." (Parker Palmer)


Hyeon-Ju was a godsend during an important transition in my life. As a coach, she brings deep listening and helps you discover the truth of what clicks inside of you. She has a good sense of what tool to reach for in a given moment—when to nudge you forward and when to let you explore. I especially appreciate her thoughtful questions and her ability to make connections that I might not have noticed on my own. I felt peace, clarity, and greater perspective after working with her.
— MJ L., Musician
Hyeon-Ju believed in me and my inner strength and capabilities and helped me tap into the bigger dreams I was too afraid of facing alone. Her humility, persistence, graciousness and positive coaching enabled a mission-driven, values-focused person like myself to be vulnerable, open, and gain confidence in making very concrete next steps in my profession...I could not be where I am today without her support!
— Grace Choi, Political and Foreign Policy Leader
I think of your work as helping people find existential authenticity. People come to you—I came to you—wanting answers and solutions. But it seems to me that what we need to know is how to face the messiness of life and of people. In working with you, I had this sense of being on a boat that was being held steady by your firm hand, and that you were helping me find an authenticity and peace to face my angst and figure out which direction to steer the boat.
— Cindy Chiang, Attorney and Mother
Each session with Hyeon-Ju was a powerful learning experience and discovery journey. She is not afraid to ask the tough questions, nor does she come with a pre-set agenda. She coaches in a natural way that respects your humanity, and gently and not so gently prods you into your own transformation.
— MIchael Gouveia, Attorney and Coach
“You create space for people to think about their place in the world...Knowing that even if it’s not always easy or apparent, I now have the resources I need to define the underlying current of my existence”
— L.T., Ph.D.