Why We Should Pause to Celebrate Our Successes

If you've had a success lately, please take time to celebrate it before you move on to the next thing. I mean really pause, breathe it in, and feel it in your bones. Especially if it's something that felt daunting or impossible.

A job you thought you couldn't get. A conversation you thought you couldn't have. An experience you thought you couldn't get through. A project you thought you weren't qualified to lead.

Remember how impossible it felt. And take it in that you did it. You did it. Stay here for a long moment. Resist any urge to qualify or diminish what you've done. Let your chest expand. Make room for the magnitude of it.

It's not just about gratitude.

The pause is just as important for integration. We need to give our internal stories about ourselves a moment to catch up. We need to give our sense of self time to expand into its new right size.

You're no longer the person for whom that kind of conversation is too hard, who can't lead that kind of project, who doesn't have that kind of strength.

That story is too small now.

So please do pause. Feel your new size. Take all the time you need to get comfortable with it. This is you.