Living the freedom we have

We owe it to our grandmothers and all the women who've come before us, to dance our hearts out and live in freedom and joy. My grandmother was a generation older than the women in this video (worth watching!). She spent her life in rural South Korea and never received a day of formal education.

She was also fierce.

She taught herself how to read. She went on a hunger strike to demand that her daughters (my mother and aunt) be allowed to go to college. They became the first women in their family to get a college degree. My grandmother refused to teach my mother how to cook. After the grueling experience of feeding her family and my grandfather's extended family day after day, she didn't want my mother to spend her life similarly a slave to others' needs. She was also known for her kindness. When hungry people came asking for scraps of food, she always prepared a fresh plate, never giving them leftovers. Family lore has it that a woman who was brought in to bear children for my grandfather (because my grandmother still hadn't given birth several years into her marriage), left after a few weeks because she couldn't bear my grandmother's kindness to her.

I love imagining her dancing like the women in this video, moving in exactly the way she wants. Dancing for the sheer joy and pleasure of it.

Let's dance because we can. Let's speak because no one can stop us. Let's relish every ounce of the freedom we have, earned by the women who came before us.

Joyfully yours...