The inner terrain of leadership

Leadership, with all its outward-facing responsibilities, ultimately leads us inward. It is our understanding of who we are and how we work best that enables us to contribute our full gifts. It is our capacity to be with all we are -- our light and our shadow -- that enables us to grow into our own wholeness through leadership's pressures.

I help executives and leaders traverse this inner terrain. I have supported clients to:

  • uncover their gifts and strengths

  • clarify vision and purpose

  • develop their leadership voice, style and presence

  • identify and lead from their core values

  • access creativity

  • increase self-confidence and trust

  • build genuine interpersonal connection

  • strengthen intuition and inner knowing

  • find balance and inner equilibrium

  • develop more effective approaches to handling stress and overwhelm

  • foster organizational cultures of trust

I reserve a portion of my coaching practice for Asian-American women who are hearing the call to bring themselves more powerfully into their lives and work, in and outside of formal leadership positions.


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Welcome. I'm glad you're here.

I spent the first fifteen years of my professional life as an attorney and director of non-profit organizations. It was the best preparation I could have had for coaching people through the challenges of leadership. I understand the weight of being the person in charge - the constant undercurrent of worry and second-guessing, the isolation, and the discomfort of facing your inner demons.

As a coach, I've supported leaders to make the transformative inner shifts that make outward success possible, with tremendous benefit to their teams and organizations. What I find thrilling is seeing clients experience the flow, energy and deep satisfaction of leading and living from their unique blueprint.

Hyeon-Ju is an exceptional coach. I highly recommend working with her. In a short amount of time, she has helped me to regain confidence, a sense of balance, and an openness to others...More concretely, she has empowered me to identify where I want to go professionally and to take steps to get there.”
— Senior University Administrator
Hyeon-Ju is very effective in helping you identify your goals and find confidence in your strengths...I cannot think of anyone I would recommend more for nonprofit leaders or would-be nonprofit leaders who need help in finding their organic leadership style.
— Litigation Director