The investment in 1-on-1 leadership or executive coaching is most worthwhile when you’re facing adaptive, as opposed to technical challenges.


In demanding leadership positions, it's hard not to be consumed by getting a handle on the hard skills -- supervision, budgeting, fundraising, strategic planning -- and the list goes on.

These are important, but standing alone are not what will enable you truly to lead -- to connect with and inspire people, to bring the originality necessary for genuine thought leadership, and ultimately to spark the changes you hope to see.

This kind of leadership starts from within. Your most precious and powerful asset as a leader is your full and authentic self. When you lead from this place, you open the door to transformative change within you, your organization, and the world.

Through 1-on-1 coaching, I support you to:

  • find your unique voice as a leader

  • connect with and lead from your center of gravity, even and especially during times when you're thrown off balance

  • clarify, live and lead from the integrity of your core values

  • build resilience in the face of inevitable leadership challenges

  • identify and lead from your strengths

  • connect deeply to your own heart and humanity, and bring this into your organization

  • lead from a place of wisdom and active choice rather than reactivity, by cultivating tools to recognize and move through fear and other triggers


We tailor the coaching relationship to meet your specific needs. I conduct 360 assessments where it's useful to get a lay of the land before setting coaching goals. Coaching engagements typically last for 6 or 9 months.

Contact me to discuss how coaching can support your full impact as a leader.