Transitions are incredibly fertile ground.

What kinds of transitions am I talking about? It could be leaving a job or relationship that deadens your soul. Or finally taking your first steps toward that dream that still feels a little crazy. Maybe you're only half-living your life, and there's an insistent voice saying this isn't enough. Maybe the change is being forced on you, and you're figuring out how to respond and what to do next.

Transitions are openings to claim your life.

Take that in for a moment. Are you ready?

I get it that fear, self-doubt, and paralysis are part of it too. I've been there.

I also know that within you there is enough strength, resilience, imagination, love, and wisdom to take you wherever you need to go and then some. Wondering if you're that person who isn't ever going to figure it out? You're not. Each of us has our path. Together we'll find yours.

Let's talk.

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